Welcome to the Bow Tie Bear Animation home page. Bow Tie Bear Animation specialise in stop motion animation, animation movies and 2D computer animation. The different animation formats allow for varied projects depending on the end result desired. Bow Tie Bear Animation is committed to creating fun and creative animations for all ages. 

Current projects include; 

* The mis-adventures of Scuffy The Cat who is forever teasing the dog. Who will get the upper hand?

* The Pandas.
* Jupiter Missions (Jupiter Stc-714), a sci-fi space adventure where the crew encounter space pirates, aliens and other hazards on their journeys.
* Hendrix the chilling Polar Bear.
* Drunk Santa.

* Bow Bear Cards - Free  Birthday Animated E-Cards

​You can view these Bow Tie Bear Animation videos by going to the relevant project pages where you will be able to access the stop motion and 2D computer animation videos. There, you will also find information on how some of the characters developed from a cartoon into a clay animation figure, and background histories.

We at Bow Tie Bear Animation would love to hear your feedback on any of our stop motion or 2D computer animation videos, so please use the contact page to get in touch.

Check out the free animated Birthday E-cards on the Bow Bear Cards page.

Captains Log. 14 July 2212
Captain's personal log of the Jupiter stc-714. 

Avalon Grainger on duty, captain of the ship. We've just taken on a cargo and are about to leave for Merg. At least the trip should be quiet and incident free. These trips don't pay much, but they are regular and fairly routine. I suppose I should be grateful for the work, but I do wonder if The Agency take advantage of us sometimes. They give us lots of work, but it always seems to be the poorly paid jobs. Still, we can't refuse the work, or I wouldn't be able to pay for the repairs that this ship always seems to need. The Jupiter may have been state of the art when she was new, but that was several years ago now. This ship is older than I am. Avalon signing off.

Watch the movie in this stop motion animation. Originally shown as seven 4 minute episodes now updated and enhanced as full 29 minute movie. 

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Jupiter MissionsJupiter stc-714

Bow Tie Bear Animation

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Scuffy The Cat

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  Animation Stars Journals  

Hello everyone. My name's Scuffy, and I'm a cat, as you can see in the picture.
I used to be made out of clay, so I didn't actually talk in any of my videos. I am now in the computer and I can talk. Have you seen any of my animated videos yet? If not, why not have a look.
I like acting in the videos, and I'm hoping to do another one very soon. Ted The Dog is also hoping to be in the next video, but I just hope he realises who the real star is. Ha, ha, ha. Maybe it should just be me in the film, but that might be rather hard work. Ted The Dog thinks he knows everything, just because he's a classically trained actor. I came up the hard way, through cartoons, and now I'm more of a star than he is. Of course, we're really very good friends. He's my best pal. I call him Dogpal.
I've got to go now. I can hear them calling me for lunch. I hope it's sausage and strawberry jam sandwiches, don't forget to watch my animations. See you again soon.

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