Panda Sign Birthday.

It's all about the signs for Douglas. Free Birthday E-card.

The Pandas first appeared in the Bow Bear Cards, Birthday animated E-Cards. Those pandas get around so you may spot them in other animations and not just the ones below.

Amy The Panda

Fly Birthday.

Is Douglas going to fly? Free Birthday E-card.

Shoes Birthday.

"you have to match your shoes to your outfit," says Amy. Free Birthday E-card.

Shopping Birthday.

"There's always a bargain when you go shopping, " states Amy. Free Birthday E-card.

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Disco Birthday.

Douglas doing the Panda dance. Free Birthday E-card

The Pandas

Handbag Birthday.

"You can can never have enough handbags,"  says Amy. Free Birthday E-card.

The Event.

Amy and Douglas going to an event. It's all about the look according to Amy.

​Douglas The Panda