Happy Chase.

It's a race but who is going to win? Is it girl power?

Scuffy The Cat in Elementary.
The game is a foot or paw in Scuffy's case.

Scuffy The Cat Animation

Scuffy The Cat Builds A Boat.
Scuffy The Cat helps Higgins Build a Boat. Will it be ship shape when finished?

Scuffy The Cat In Walk The Dog.

This Is Scuffy's first outing in a cartoon animation.The first time he talks. Scuffy takes Ted out for a walk in the park so what could go wrong?

Scuffy The Cat in Fish Cakes.
This stop motion animation is based on two of my four cell cartoons one of which can been seen on the 'Scuffy Cartoons' page with the fish bowl.

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Scuffy The Cat was first created as a drawn cartoon some years ago. This cartoon then provided the inspiration for the clay animation figure for the stop motion animation by Bow Tie Bear Animation. Some of the cartoons are available to see on the 'Scuffy Cartoons' page, which is accessed by clicking on the 'Scuffy The Cat' button. He is a very mischievous cat, who delights in playing tricks on the dog whenever he gets a chance and on anyone else around. However sometimes the tables are turned, and the dog gets the upper hand.

Scuffy's first animations were in stop motion where he is made from a wire armature, with a clay body overlying this. His mouth does not move as generally, cats do not talk and he is made of clay. I have now moved him into a computer animated format where he now talks. To see Scuffy in action, please click on the videos.

My co stars that appear in the animated movies and stop motion animation with me.

Happy Hour Dance.

It's happy hour so lets dance. You go, girl.

Jasmine The Cat.

​My girlfriend.

Scuffy The Cat in Don't Wake The Dog.
This is the first stop motion animation that Scuffy appears in. Scuffy thinks it is a good idea to wake the dog up, so does he? If you go to 'Scuffy Cartoons' page you can see the cartoon that inspired this stop motion animation.

Party Time.

Let's party, party, party all day long.

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Getting There.

Gettng to the party is all part of the fun.

Ted The Dog.

My dogpal.

Higgins The Mouse.

My Geeky mate