Joe Banner, is the stores master. He is known as Banjo, and has a very laid back and relaxed attitude to paperwork and organisation. He is very good at his job and tends to spend large parts of the journeys rather spaced out. Banjo dropped out of the University of Argon when he realised he knew more about astrophysics then his lecturers did..

Victoria Tragus, is known as Tori and is in charge of security and liaison with the various space stations when they dock to offload or take on cargo. She is always on the look out for threats to the Jupiter stc-714 such as space pirates. Tori speaks several languages and previously worked in the private militia as a major in special operations during the Martian wars. Her wealthy parents are searching for her, as Tori has not made contact with them since running away on the eve of her wedding to a business colleague of her father.

The Jupiter stc-714 cargo ship had state of the art engines, running on marshonite and solar power, when she was new. However time has taken its toll and the engines are now worn out. The Jupiter stc-714 often breaks down on its space adventure.

Jupiter stc-714 Biographies

Avalon Grainger, is the captain, after the ship was left to her when her father died unexpectedly and in mysterious circumstances. Previously, Avalon had been working as a 2nd officer on a passenger liner, and does not yet command real respect amongst the rest of the crew.

John Quincy, the engineer, is known as Quincy across the universe. He has been the engineer on the Jupiter for several years, having joined when the older Captain Grainger bought the ship. Quincy knows that the engines are old and often break down, but he is on good terms with many of the supply depots and repair units on most planets.

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Chloe Mactavish, is known as Mac. She works as assistant to both Tori and Banjo as needed. During the voyages, Mac likes to cook for the rest of the crew as she doesn't like eating reconstituted food. However, her obsessive compulsive tendencies mean that Mac does not tolerate any interference in her routines.

Claire, (Solar Interstellar Navigation ZX81), is the ship's computer. She is affectionately known as Claire to the crew. Claire not only navigates and runs the computers on the ship, she also warns of any impending hazards. Like the rest of the ship, she is not the latest model and some of her routines and protocols do not work as efficiently as they used to.