Jupiter Missions The Movie. .
Join the crew of the cargo ship Jupiter stc-714 as the adventure in space. Sit Back and enjoy the 29 minute movie.  

​​​​​Jupiter Missions ​(Jupiter stc-714)

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Bow Tie Bear Animation have created  Jupiter Missions (Jupiter stc-714), an on-going exciting space adventure set on board the cargo ship Jupiter stc-714 in the year 2212. Originally it was animated in 4 minute episodes, now for the first time the first seven episodes have been updated and enhance to create a 29 minute movie.

The cargo that Jupiter carries can be anything from alien pharmaceuticals to zyborg clothing and they have to contend with space pirates, radiation leaks and alien invasions.

The crew of the Jupiter is led by Avalon, who has recently inherited the ship from her father. 

Quincy is the engineer, who has to continually coax more speed and energy from the aging engines. 

The security on the Jupiter is dealt with by Tori, who is more than a match for any space pirates or hostile alien races they may come across. 

Banjo organises the cargo, the essential element that results in payment. At least, he does his job when he isn't indulging in a little off duty recreation. 

Mac assists both Tori and Banjo, and also makes sure that the crew have decent meals to eat, not that the rest of them appreciate her. 

Claire, the computer on the Jupiter, sorts out the navigation, warns of approaching hazards such as radiation belts, space pirates and unfriendly aliens, and acts as a communication channel.

To find out more about each character, and how they ended up on the Jupiter stc-714, click on the 'Jupiter stc-714' button, then on the 'Crew Biographies'.