Hendrix The Polar Bear

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Hendrix And The Little Green Men
Hendrix is visited by some green aliens who appear to have got lost, and so they ask Hendrix for directions. Will Hendrix be able to help?

Hendrix In Bus Stop
Hendrix is just chilling as he is a cool Polar Bear when a Bus Stop Appears. Do you get buses in the Arctic?

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Hendrix The Polar Bear

This 10 second animation was made as a competition entry for the television channel E4, E Stings 2013.

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Hendrix was originally created for the 2013 E Stings competition on the UK television channel E4. The animation is 10 seconds long as this is a requirement of the E Stings competition. The music is one of the  choices set by E Stings and the animation needed to feature the E4 logo. 

The idea for Hendrix came from listening to the different music options, one of which had to be used in the E Sting.  One of the tracks said to me 'Polar Bear chilling' which led onto 'what about an Eskimo pushing the E4 logo on a ledge in the background who then falls off'. Cool.

Having come up with the character of the Polar Bear, the next question was, 'what would he be called?'  After trying a few names, Hendrix stood out and fitted the clay model that had been made.  

After making the E Sting animation, I felt that Hendrix was a cool new character, (no pun intended) who deserved a longer piece. In Hendrix And The Little Green Men, Hendrix plays his electric guitar whilst chilling out in his ice cove, on his picnic rug, just like his namesake Jimi Hendrix might have done. Hendrix The Polar Bear has a few bottles to assist his chilling.

10 seconds does not seem very long but in animation terms this is a lot of time to fill, as any other animators out there will know.

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