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Drunk Santa - The True Meaning of Christmas.
This is the second outing for Drunk Santa. This is Drunk Santa's true meaning.

Drunk Santa and Dave The Reindeer in Beached.

Drunk Santa is on the beach on Christams Eve and Dave The Reindeer is not happy.

Bow Tie Bear Animation created Drunk Santa, who features in a short stop motion animation done for Christmas. It was initially done in order to send as a Christmas card, as a variation on the traditional concept of Santa. A New addition to Drunk Santa is Dave the Reindeer.

Needs some Christmas Cheer.

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Drunk Santa.

​Drunk Santa getting merry.

Dave The Reindeer
Dave The Reindeer is getting ready for Christmas, check out the Christmas surprise! 

​Dave The Reindeer and Drunk Santa

Hassa drink on me. Go, on, have anosser. I'm having another. Ohh, pardon me. Have you anosser bottle we can drrrink?