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The Animator

Gary Richards is the animator and creator of all the animations on this Bow Tie Bear Animation website. Gary prefers to work with clay and polymer clay to make the figures for his stop motion animations as he feels that these materials have a more organic feel. Recently he has moved to doing more computer generated cartoon animations, using some of the original clay models.

Gary has always been fascinated by animation and first began experimenting with stop motion animation several years ago, using an analogue video camera. His first stop motion animation was about a magician dog doing magic tricks. Gary then went on to do a more complex stop motion animation about a detective dog and a robbery at an ice cream parlour.Gary is now working with 2D computer animation.

Gary set up Bow Tie Bear Animation to allow a platform for his stop motion animation videos to be available for all to see.

Gary enjoys the creation and development of the character of each of his figures as much as building the physical structure. All the sets have also been created by Gary, using various materials and techniques.

Generally, the story lines for Scuffy, and the other silent characters, have been constructed by Gary. He also drew all the Scuffy The Cat cartoons some years ago. It is easy to see the progression from cartoon character to three dimension clay figure.

Jupiter Missions was conceived by Gary, with additional input from Elizabeth Richards who has written the scripts. Gary and Elizabeth are married, and develop the scripts together, once the initial draft is completed.

Elizabeth has also written other scripts and articles, including a short play that was a finalist in the UK South West Dialogue competition. She has also written articles for several magazines and newspapers, as well as completing a novel about, Tiberius, a Roman army surgeon who finds he needs to investigate suspicious deaths. A paperback of "Prima Facie" is available to purchase from Alternatively, an e-book version is available for the Kindle ereader. Search for "Prima Facie" by E.J. Richards.  

The combination of animator and writer is one that works well, and creates a result that is better because of the different opinions and viewpoints. The stop motion animation stories are able to develop and continue to grow due to this synergy.